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 Official Grand Opening with Westland Mayor "William R. Wild



For class cancel / Reschedule request : *After you submited, you will receive an email or a call from us asking you to reschedule and that means your form has been received.  Please note that it may take a few hours for you to receive an email from us.  Once you have made sure that you have actually submitted your form and still have no email/call from us for a confirmation, PLEASE CALL MAESTRO at (734)-762-0775 during business hours, or if during off business hours please leave us a voicemail let us know when you submitted your form, so that we may consult our records accordingly.  **If you did not receive an email/call from us after submitted ,that means our email box never got your submission and we will consider your missed lesson as a NO SHOW NO CALL  - your lesson will not be made up - failure to provide adequate notice will result in the class being billed as normal for the instructor's time.

PLEASE NOTE : Please give at least 6 hours notice if you must cancel a lesson

Only one make-up lesson will be offered per student per month (every 4 lessons paid), unless prior plans have been made. Missed or Canceled lessons must be made-up within 14 days of the original scheduled date by either 

1 - adding another day in the same week or next following week,

2 - Splitting the missed lesson up into longer lessons on the next scheduled classes (For example, missing one 30 minute lesson would make the next two lessons 45 minutes each, or making the following lesson double length),

3 - In extreme emergency cases, the week can be skipped and added to the end of the billing cycle. (We may ask for a doctor's note or other proof of emergency)


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