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Fundraising and Charities

             Autism and Music

                 The goal of Music for Autism is to expose those with autism and their families to high quality, professionally performed music in an environment where individual differences are celebrated and where no one will be embarrassed. Families are greatly challenged to find programming that is appropriate for their family members with autism who may exhibit behaviors that are unpredictable. Families say that Music for Autism’s unique and interactive “autism specific” musical programming greatly enhances their quality of life. In addition, since all U.S. concerts are free for those with autism and their families, anyone affected by autism, irrespective of socioeconomic status, is able to experience Music for Autism’s unique, interactive programming.



"Maestro Music Academy L.L.C will donate 15% from the total of your charity’s donation every January 25th to selected non-profit Michigan Autism Organization"





Need Help with a Fundraising, Charity or Benefit Event?


               If you or anyone you know is planning a fund raising event or already has an annual event organized, we may be able to help. Whatever the cause or age group, we are willing to donate gift certificates valued between $50 and $100 each towards any music lesson we have at Maestro's. We are open year-round and are very family friendly and affordable.  Whether you are fund raising for a charity, school activities, girl scouts, boy scouts, organizations, church groups, art, music or theater programs, etc., please know that we are willing to help. These gift certificates can be used however you choose. Many use them as giveaways, bag stuffers for goodie bags, door prizes at events, for your volunteers and staff, or even as part of the table center pieces. If you would, please feel free to pass the word about our offer to others who might need help with volunteer opportunities. We are proud to support Michigan communities!



Our donation to the st. Matthew benefit auction 3/28/15. Congrats to the high bidder!